better late than never

I am playing catch up. I'm doing this because grief threatens to drown me if I don't work really hard to keep my legs kicking so that my head will stay above water. While looking at pictures of my life from when James was still alive creates an ache in my chest, it's also something I don't want to sweep under a rug and just completely forget about either. Well that's not completely true. The truth is that deep in the cracks of my heart where the unknown of handling this situation exists, I actually do want to forget about these days before he died. But that's the part of me that I am fighting everyday. The guilt and the regret and the anger. I have to punch those feelings in the face every now and again. I am trying so hard not to let them win.

So here I am!

I'm late, but pictures of our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2015, headed your way in 3, 2, 1....