VLOG - Surviving January

This week has been hard. It has been long and tedious and I feel a little like I am plastered in heavy tar, fighting to move beneath the weight that is covering me. So the fact that February is just around the corner is making me oh so anxious! I'm not naively thinking that it being a different month will solve all of my problems. But I've always considered surviving January a hefty feat, and this year more than any other, so the calendar flipping a page on Monday will be exceptionally welcomed in my home! The days have already started to be a little bit longer and when the daylight in the sky is lingering into the evening as best as it can hold on, I can feel the promise and the hope it is carrying with it. The hope of brighter days.

I'm just taking life step by step right now through some pretty awful and overwhelming emotions that I fight through every day, so February is a step to me. It is one step closer to melted snow and blooming flowers. One step closer to boarding a plane destined for Hawaii! One step closer to running trails in the mountains with my pup while the sun is rising. One step closer to packing the camper and getting lost in the woods every weekend with my boys. One step closer to paddling our kayaks down rivers and across lakes. One step closer to climbing new rock walls followed by picnic dinners in the wilderness.

One step closer to the possibility of some acceptance and hope. One step closer to a little less pain and worry and guilt. I don't know, it just seems promising.

But so, here is a little Vlog of our last couple of weeks! January is tremendously boring but frankly I'm very impressed with our ability to make it otherwise this year. Vegas, sledding, ice skating, bowling, outdoor campfires. You can truly get creative with ways to spice up January if you try! I suppose that can be applied to all of life, no? I'm just on a roll right now.

By the by, both of my boys are going through different stages that are so fun. Beck especially is growing up so fast and he is adorable these days. A lot of work, but adorable nonetheless! I can not get enough of this sweet kid. Just see for yourself! Enjoy! And Happy Friday! And Happy almost-February! We can do hard things!


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