day of love


Truthfully, it's not as though Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday or anything like that. In fact truthfully, it's rather stupid. I know that initially this sentimental holiday was established by lovers celebrating their love with flowers and greeting cards and all of those sappy cliches, but it's not the 14th century anymore you guys. Now days for Valentine's Day we celebrate love in all of its forms and not just the romantic kind, you know? We celebrate our love for our families and our furry friends and our real live human friends and our mountains and our passions in life and our red velvet cakes and our frosted sugar cookies and our chocolates. I mean, who needs an excuse to celebrate those things but also, why not?

Anyway. On Valentine's Day, me and my valentines, we packed our snow gear and headed for the hills to celebrate our love. We started in snowshoes and ended without, because it turns out that we didn't really need them. B started in his kelty kids and ended outside of it, because it turns out that he thinks he is much too big to sit in a kelty now that he is almost two. We made snow angels and dug for treasure beneath an X in the snow and we even found a solid igloo that we played in for a long while.

We ended watching Aladdin in the car while B napped, taking a long scenic drive, eating arby's beef and cheddar sandwiches and butterfinger bites for dessert. It was very low key and the perfect way to celebrate my favorite kind of love, which is: the ordinary kind of love.

My boys, my pup, and the mountains. I love my loves.

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