happy bday rockie pup

Rockie was our very first baby and we love her so. And she will be SIX years old tomorrow! In human years that's, like...thirty-seven years old.

In honor of her birthday, I really feel like a blog post dedicated to her is necessary. Rockie is the bees knees I tell you. She is an adventure lover through and through! Her very favorite things in life are swimming, trail running, hiking, kayaking, chasing chipmunks, and eating all of the food Beck drops from his high chair.

She can also be quite the princess you know. She has to sleep with a blanket (she has her very own blanket! and she can wrap herself up, true story!) and she gets her feelings hurt very easily. I'm serious, she is quite the drama queen! If she gets into trouble and we tell her "no!" very sternly, she will sulk for hours. It's adorable.

When Beck was a newborn babe and I would wake up with him in the middle of the night, or while I was rocking him for naps during the day, Rockie would try to come into the nursery. She would use her nose to gently crack open the door and then she would look up at me for approval. If I stared at her sternly and shook my head no, she would back right up and wait outside of the door. But if I smiled at her and nodded, she would happily run into the room and lay down at my feet.

Rockie goes crazy for the water. It's probably her favorite thing in the whole entire world. Even now, in the dead of the freezing cold winter, anytime we are up the canyon she will run down to the river and dip her toes in. She can't give it up, no matter how cold that water is! She loves nothing more than a good swim in the river.

And Rockie is such a good, polite girl. She hardly barks, never scratches on the door, only bites occasionally when it's an accident and she's excitedly trying to get the stick out of your hand. She never runs away and always comes when we call her. She is such a good little mama bear to the boys. She would choose tug of war over fetch any day. She mooches steak bites from the grandparents and the only thing she does that is terribly un-ladylike is that she has some very, very awful room-clearing farts.

I thought it would be fun to post highlights from some of her favorite moments of her fifth year. It turns out that I have a billion pictures of her from last year alone, but I did you all a favor and only chose eighteen of them...

Happy sixth ya mangy mutt!

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