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The weather lately is resembling my internal emotions rather perfectly. It is warm and beautiful one day, we are wearing t-shirts beneath blue skies and feeling a hope for Spring, while the very next day the sky is blanketed in gray storm clouds and the snow is falling furiously from the darkness, covering the ground beneath it. One day it is forty five degrees and the next it is back down to fifteen. I am trying to keep up with it, internal and external both. But the hope for brighter days is instilled in my soul and I'm clinging to it the way you cling to your lap bar on a roller coaster while falling down the steepest, fastest descent.

We are looking at some big and rather exciting changes in life this year and I am *this* close to a lengthy and wordy blog post about it all. But for now this is how it goes in the life lately department: We are spending the warmer and sunny days outside, wasting mornings down by the river, hosting campfires up the canyon, riding bikes around the neighborhood. On the dark and snowy days we are watching Aladdin on repeat while eating comfort food, steamy bowls of chili with stringy melted cheese and handfuls of junior mints for dessert. We are making goals for the year and planning out all of our trips which has us feeling especially anxious for Springtime to make its grand debut. Our refrigerator is terribly bare and we are in dire need of a trip to the grocery store. Beck the bear cub has officially learned to climb out of his crib now, where he sneaks from his bed without a peep and into our bedroom to happily wake us up in the mornings.

We are getting by! We are having more good moments than bad moments and I suppose that perhaps this is a sign of better days! I'll be back soon, but for now I am off to do some tedious chores, put the bear cub down for a nap and delve into my newest hardback book.

Happy Monday friends. Get out there and get you some!


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