life lately in pictures


The snow is melting! The sun is shining! We did have a tiny bout of snow that flurried in after a day long rain storm on Sunday. The snow that fell furiously was dense and wet, as Spring snow tends to be. Spring snow is the kind of snow that, even while it falls, doesn't discourage you much because you know the chances are it will be long gone by morning.

The month of March is like a cake tasting before your wedding day. We are relishing in tiny delectable moments that are giving us just a taste of what is around the corner. Hiking and kayaking season, road trips, sitting around the campfire beneath a never ending blanket of stars in the black sky. Chocolate cake with buttercream fondant! Coconut cake with passion fruit filling! Almond cake with vanilla bean frosting! It's all so very exciting. Thank you, March, for your promise of better days.

Happy Tuesday, friends! Get out there and get you some!


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