Hawaii Part One - The Trails



We are home from Hawaii now and you guys, I can not even tell you. I CAN NOT EVEN TELL YOU how much perfection Maui was. Hands down one of the best vacations I have ever taken. Something about Maui is pure magic. The weather, the beauty, the smells, the relaxed atmosphere there... I did not put on makeup once the entire time. I wore my swimsuit underneath everything because we would often happen upon a random small beach or a waterhole to swim in. Everyone we passed flashed us a big friendly aloha! while rotating their wrists in a shaka.

It was a dream!

I have so many pictures from Hawaii and I am completely overwhelmed with sorting and editing, so my Hawaii blog posts will be posted in parts. I started with the trails because if I had to pick my favorite thing, which is a hard choice because I loved it all, but if I had to it would be our hikes!

The first hike we went on was Waihee Ridge Trail and it was BOMB. The views were absolutely stunning! I fell in love and was caught breathless over and over again. This was hands down my favorite hike that I have ever been on in my entire life. It was a 1,500 foot elevation gain in the 2.5 miles to the summit, where once reached, we sat on a picnic table and ate sandwiches in the clouds before heading back down.

It was on Waihee Ridge Trail that we first discovered cook pines. I never expected to find pine trees in a tropical paradise! We are pine tree lovers through and through so we fell in love with them instantly.

Our schedule was pretty jam packed with plans like snorkeling, boat rides, kayaking, luaus, watching the sunrise on top of a volcano and taking the road to hana. But between it all Dan and I found time for one more hike in the week.

We were actually trying to find a different trail and stumbled on this one by accident or, in retrospect, fate. It was in Makawao Forest Reserve where we found along with our hike some rad mountain bike trails and an insane bike park. We definitely have renting mountain bikes and hitting these trails up on our list for next time we are in Maui.

We took the Kahakapao trail, a 6.85 mile loop trail through the forest where it rained on us the entire time. The rain was warm and came in spurts of drizzle and soft downpour. It was so wonderfully refreshing! The rain concocted a thick soup of eucalyptus smell in the air surrounding us while we hiked through a wide variety of different types of plantation: ferns, cook pines, tropical ash, eucalyptus, le'le, pilo. It was all so incredible.

I was already planning our next trip to Maui before we even left. I can't wait to go back! I will continue to post pictures from different parts of our trip so I hope you don't get tired of me. ;)

Happy Friday friends! Get out there and get you some!


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