Life lately is mayhem. I suppose that's an ordinary beginning of summer thing for life to be, isn't it? A madhouse! A three ring circus! A perpetual series of each day going faster than the last one!

Truth time: last week was an incredibly hard week. This week has been considerably better so far. A lot of things have piled on my plate and been scraped in the garbage to allow room for just another helping of potatoes. I'm just going to be real with you, I'm not actually talking about potatoes. The potatoes are a metaphor! The potatoes are things like Kindergarten shots and two year old shots and the doctor telling me my kids are "too rowdy" for his office and being a single mom for a week straight, during which the red devil in my belly reared her ugly face. (That devil is not known for having good timing.) I have been pondering the meaning of life and coping and grieving over the loss of my little brother a little more or less each day, the emotions of which are like riding the least fun roller coaster I have ever sat in. I had some sort of 24 hour food poising or heat exhaustion type incident. I have been fighting some ugly, fierce demons, the kind that like to try and convince me that life is a cruel joke being played on us all. It took a lot of tears and a lot of oreos for me to talk those demons down, and it has been a slow crawl out of a dark tunnel, but I am seeing some light. And these metaphorical potatoes haven't come without some figurative dessert, mind you! Dessert like slowing down for rock climbing and campfires, Dan coming home (HALLELUJAH!), a sunny day at the lake and a fresh raspberry shake, a ten mile trail run in the mountains on my day off work, family bike rides, my first race of the season.

I take pictures. It's what I do. Sometimes I take pictures with my nice Canon camera in search of the perfect, good quality shot. Sometimes I snap pictures in a pure moment, pulling my iPhone from my back pocket and freezing time for a split second by capturing a blurry instant just because I don't want to forget. It's my journal, my life in memories, these pictures. I thank God for pictures! Reminders of moments in time that I would like to never forget. Sometimes, when I am in the midst of spiraling downward, I will pull out my phone or look at my blog and suddenly I am picked up through pictures of times past, moments come and gone that were from a life so beautiful, one that I am extremely lucky to have, one that I am living right now.

"To me, a rich and satisfying life means one full of contrast. Give me sleep ins. And soft rains. Coffee shops and conversation. But also adrenaline and adventure. And drunken bellows to the stars. I am determined to embrace this extravagant life for all that it has to offer."
--Beau Taplin//A Disparate Life 

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