When I was a kid my mom was on the summerfest arts faire committee every year, and so we would do a lot of volunteer work there. My favorite year was when I worked in an art booth, watching and helping the kids painting on easels all set up beneath a large white canopy. One year I helped in a hot dog booth, where for two hours straight I cooked and dressed hot dogs. Not five minutes after stepping out of the food cart I threw up all over the grass and I couldn't eat hot dogs for years.

I love summerfest. It is nostalgia from my childhood and that sweet summertime feeling. When summerfest sets up beneath the towering trees on the luscious green lawns of the tabernacle, you know that summertime is here. Cotton candy and fair food and live music while browsing through some of the most talented artists I have seen. One day Dan and I have big plans to fall in love with a big fat painting and bring it home to hang, but for now we find ourselves coming home every year with new ceramic handmade coffee mugs and handcrafted cheese boards.

It is so very magical, watching your kids and knowing that they are making memories of their own childhood, the same way you did yours. It inspires me to live better and to be better, to make these memories something special for them.

Helllllooo summertime! Stick around a while, will ya?

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