If you find yourself in isolation...



Barely. But we have, and that is all that matters, not the how well but the have.

(As always, I would like to thank Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan for getting me through multiple days stuck at home with a sick child!)

Our bear cub is doing considerably well, all cleared up and sleeping like a champ and happy as can be, and thank you for all of your kind thoughts on the matter. I learned that a lot of you have experienced the dreaded hand foot mouth yourselves in the mothering department! Who knew.

If you find yourself stuck at home for any reason, I thought I would share some of my personal surviving graces this go-around, aside from You've Got Mail of course.

These are amazeballs.

This eight chapter series is genius, so insanely well written and captivating! The perfect binge watch.

This book that I just finished.

And this book too, always this one.

This coffee creamer.

These train tracks for the littles.

Shaving cream in the bathtub. (for the kids, duh.)

Another for the kids, this has been a new-old favorite that they will watch for hours on end if I let them.

Locals: tag team dirty dr pepper runs at this new spot in town. (the texas tab and dirt ball cookies!)

And anyway. I am looking forward to this week in all of its virus-less glory! Happy Monday friends, get out there and get you some!


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