a series of unfortunate events


Since coming home from our trip, we have had quite our share of bad omens.

Firstly, the day after we got home, on the mondayest of tuesdays I ever did see, I scraped the side of our very nice and favorite car. And it wasn't from something daring, some grand adventure, one of those scrapes that has an exciting story to go along with it. On the contrary, it was just me picking up a sweet pork burrito for lunch. It was approximately the one millionth time I have been through this very taco time drive through only one block from my office, while looking at that damn metal bar with all of the car paint transfer from all of those unfortunate souls who just couldn't bother to pay enough attention to drive carefully around that damn corner. Only, this time, I found myself to be the unfortunate soul who wasn't paying attention.

Later that very day my littlest bear cub came home from daycare as one of the also terribly unfortunate children in his class who caught the hand foot mouth that has been passed around. Sores began to blister up along his feet, his hands, the bottom lip of his sweet little mouth, even inside his mouth. My child practically had leprosy you guys.

That night was rough. B was up crying for most of the night, and to top it off, on the rare hours when he wasn't crying and I could have caught myself a few zzz's, I acquired a pinched nerve the size of texas that mocked me with painful stabs from any position I laid in.

The next morning we woke up, or, not so much woke up as we got up out of the bed we had been laying in all night and not sleeping, to groggily head for the kitchen and brew the only thing that would magically lift us from this sleepy haze. Our sensory of smell was awakened by just the scent of the beans as we scooped them into the filter and poured the water into the reservoir robotically, as we do every morning. Only, get this, as soon as we pressed the brew button we were greeted with the dreaded error beeping.

At this point I am looking at the heavens asking God, WHY DO YOU HATE ME!?

It's Friday now, and I am happy to report that we made it through the week. We have a sweet sister in law who spent her day with the boys so I could get my pressing office matters taken care of, and a sweet husband who took a full day off work so I could do the same thing again. We have a new coffee maker (HALLELUJAH). Beck, while still exhibiting a stark amount of tiny red sores from that dreadful virus, is in much better spirits. And thanks to that heaven sent benadryl, we have all slept an entire nights worth for the past two nights. Thursday I even woke early and met my two sisters where we practiced yoga beneath the mountains while the sunrise soaked our faces, and it was like pouring warm coffee directly into my soul. Energizing and delicious and so very needed.

And really, this is what I love about our adventures. Sometimes we have grand adventures, fly by the seat of our pants road trips, lovely mountain views and memories made and stories to tell. And these grand adventures are just the kind of thing we need to fill our buckets when life inevitably hits us. Life with its car repairs and its viruses and its broken coffee machines. There will be weeks where things go wrong, and that is why we adventure. We fill our buckets and let that hold us over until the next time!

I have been taking life slowly. I have been making some big changes. I have so much to talk to you about, so many blog posts dreamed up in my mind. So stay with me! I'll be back next week! For now, we are hunkered down in quarantine. We are stocked up on taquitos and cookie dough and coloring books and plenty of You've Got Mail to get us through!

Happy Weekend friends! Get out there and get you some!


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