Labor Day Kayaking


Last year we really couldn't (didn't want to?) take the bear cub kayaking with us. He had just turned one last June, just started walking aka running, and he was work. Cute and adorable and a lot of work! If he were in the kayak, all he would want was to be jumping out of it. And so we decided to give it one more year before taking him with us.

And while B is still a lot of work when we take him with us (two year olds!) this Summer has been a far easier age than last.

These iPhone pictures are from Labor Day last week. The day ended up quite perfect, considering we have two boys under six years old. Both of them were champs! Beck stayed content in the kayaks the entire morning. We passed him back and forth between us, a little of Dad, a little of Mom, while Jace ran his own ship. The water was clear and pristine, it was under 70 degrees outside, we went early enough to avoid the crowds, it was just perfection.

Jace even tried his hand at a little whitewater kayaking there at the end. He would follow Dad up stream, pushing hard to paddle against the current, and when they got all the way to the top of the rocks they would flip around and ride back down, giggling all the way. If you have ever heard Jace's chipmunk laugh, you know what I am talking about, it is the most wonderfully addicting laugh! He was so brave and happy and I loved watching it.

And now it's Monday! Happy Monday! Good luck to you, really. Today will be cold and cloudy in my neck of the woods. As for me, I don't mind cold and cloudy days at all. Get out there and get you some!


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