New Climbs


Last weekend some friends took us up Blacksmith Fork canyon for a new rock climbing route that we had never tried. It was an amazing route, probably one of my top five favorite that I have ever climbed! It was tall and perfectly challenging and it ended with beautiful views.

The entire time I climbed Beck stood at the bottom of the rock wall screaming and crying for me. I am used to this, one of my kids crying for me when I leave them behind. Beck is a mama's boy, sure, but the biggest reason for his fit was that he wanted to be up there climbing with me and he was terribly heartbroken that I would leave him behind.

Often when we go on these adventures with the boys it doesn't feel fully like an adventure. It is so much work, packing and energy and patience exhausted. But I believe it is going to benefit them incredibly one day, that we brought them along with us on all of these outings.

Beck has literally been watching us rock climb since he was a newborn baby. He would lay there buckled in his infant car seat and stare straight up while one of us climbed, the other standing next to him and belaying. His and Jace's bravery and motivation to adventure, to do what they see us doing, it makes it all worth it! I love watching them grow and enjoy what we enjoy.

And now here we are on the worst kind of Tuesday, the kind that follows a holiday Monday. So good luck to all of us! Following some terribly challenging weeks, last week was a good week for me and I'm really rooting for this one to be the same. I'm sure I'll keep you updated on the matter. ;)


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  1. Love this! This is a good reminder for me-- I feel like we haven't been on many outdoor adventures with the kids since moving away from Oregon. Maybe it's time to change that!