Limber Pine Trail


^^another day, another incredible sunrise.

A couple of weeks ago we spent three days in Bear Lake with the Croft side of the family. The entire weekend it dumped snow, which is perfect when you are staying in a condominium stocked with hot chocolate and within walking distance of an indoor pool and hot tub.

The day we were coming home we woke to find they had shut down our main canyon to get there, but we found a way to drive around and through a different canyon and still made it home safely. (that canyon ended up closing too only hours after we drove home!) The snow this year has been epic, it reminds me of my childhood when this was always a normal winter before the seasons started warming up in recent years. I could do without the negative twenty degree temperatures and the inversion in the Valley, but I will take all of this snow happily because I know that we need the water!

(Still not friends with winter, just being an adult, you know.)

Oh also, did I tell you that I have been taking a photography class this year? It has been so wonderful, stepping out of my comfort zone and shooting in manual mode. Photography is something that really makes me excited. Finding new and unique ways of capturing the beauty out there in this gorgeous world is turning into such a fulfilling hobby for me! (it should be noted that all of the pictures in this post were from our iPhones. I tragically left my digital camera home when we spent the weekend at bear lake. But the pictures from my last post were taken when I was practicing manual mode on my digital camera, if you care to know!)

We officially booked a couple of trips for the year and still have more in the works. It's nice to have some things to look forward to in these dreary winter months! We have another full year of being able to live slowly before some big changes come our way, and so I am going to soak up this year. I am going to miss this stage of life one day, this beautiful and painful and lovely and hard stage of life. These ages of the boys that are simultaneously so hard and so sweet all at the same time, living in our tiny condo life, I just know that I am going to miss it all so much one day!


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