Fall Break 2018


We headed South to Moab for Fall Break this year in search of warmer weather. I am happy to report that we found it! We hiked all of the hikes this time in Moab, and it is worth noting that we hiked the hard hikes, the ones that perhaps should be left for those over...eight? I don't know, seven I suppose because Jace is seven and he did just fine. But all that I know is, NOT for four year olds. Not for four year olds that are as active and mischevious and fearless as our Beck, anyway.

But we are alive! Despite all of the heart attacks, and all of the running away from me surrounded by sheer cliffs.

We made it.

It was a lovely trip! It was also a really hard trip, if I'm being honest. Exhausting, physically and emotionally. As is life often times with little kids, I suppose. Beautiful and exhausting, all at once, over and over and over again.

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