Spring Break 2019


This is going on the third year that we have made Las Vegas our Spring Break tradition. We stay in the same resort and we go with my side of the family. It's perfect timing for this road trip each year, just the right time to say adios to the rain and cold and to spend a week beneath palm trees in eighty degree weather beside the pool!

While every year we take the boys to all of their personal hot ticket locations on the strip (M&M World, Coca-Cola World, Hershey World...) this year was the first year that they got to see the Bellagio water show and the strip at night with all of the lights. They loved it so much, and I loved watching them love it so much, and after all of that would you believe that on the drive home when we asked what was their favorite part they said the McDonald's on Las Vegas Blvd? OF COURSE it was. Kids, they are so easy to please.

We have loved the Vegas tradition, especially with kids. Vegas is a melting pot of different cultures, different people and their beliefs. It is vitally important to me that the boys aren't wrongly shocked by the beauty of a diverse humanity one day because they were sheltered and bubbled in their youth. I want them to love people, and to know that we don't all have to look and walk and talk and believe the same. Vegas is good for that!

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