Seasons change...


I love Fall, I love Springtime, I love Summer! The only season I'm not in love with is Winter. I hate snow, I hate freezing cold, I hate spiders in the house, I hate falling on my bum when I slip on the ice...I hate Winter! But I'll complain about that when it gets here, for now...FALL is here!

Cute button down jackets, scarves, boots, hot chocolate with marshmallows, halloween, caramel apples, corn mazes, hot soup, beanies, my birthday, stylish sweaters...the list never ends! And now a new reason to love this fall, we find out if we're having a boy or girl and can begin shopping!

Speaking of shopping, we recently purchased our first item for baby Croft: a baby gate! I know that seems odd since we won't need a gate until the baby can crawl around, but we use it for Rockie right now and it's perfect. No more sleeping in a kennel during work hours, now she gets to wander freely in the kitchen and hopefully not chew up any chair legs. It's a nice gate that matches our place really well, I'm happy with it! I've also been looking at cribs and found a furniture set at Stork Landing that I love! (Early, I know!) They have great deals on sets that come with the crib and dressers, it's making me so excited to find out when I'm having and plan baby's room! I already have ideas running through my head all the time. Since we're close to sure it's a boy, I've been thinking of boy rooms mostly. So far I'm loving either green and black or green, blue and brown:

I already have some cute green Pottery Barn Kids curtains that I want to use (thanks to Miss Angela Chavez!), so I'm working around those. But I know I'm way ahead of the game here, just thinking about things early on. I still have 6 months to go!

The real point of this blog post is: I LOVE FALL. The end.

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