Three months?!

The past three months have been the fastest three months of my life!

This is the funnest age. My happy baby boy...Jace smiles and laughs and giggles all the time. And he is a talker! He especially loves to talk to daddy. He loves being outside. He is almost always kicking his legs. He loves bath time. He hates being woken up more then anything. He is a binky boy. I can count how many times he has full-on cried on one hand. (It's true, in the past 3 months of his life I haven't once woken up to him crying. When he is ready to eat he just grunts and yells at me from the crib.) He sleeps through the night, 10 - 6 and then back to bed till 8 or 9. This just in, if he doesn't get his long (usually 4 hours) afternoon nap he is a cranky boy! He is in the 96% on his weight, 94% on his height and a whopping 98% for his head size! (Say thank you for daddy's big noggin Jace.)

My sweet boy in his snazzy tux on blessing day:

What a stud:

Using mama's jacket as a blanket:

Day at the park:

Jace loves playing disc golf with us:

First day at the pool, Jace loved the water!! :

Hanging out with Rockie. They are going to be best friends one day:

And last but not least, the other love of my life. My number one, my best friend, my sweetheart and the best daddy my little man could ask for! Oh the good times we have ahead!

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