My wish list

I have the best things in life. I married my best friend. I have a sweet, healthy little boy. We have our sweet, well trained, cutest little dog Rockie. We just bought a beautiful home. Dan and I both have a great jobs. Not to mention the best family and friends I could ask for!

So with that being said, here is a few things on my wish list right now:

{A closet full of shoes. I'm already planning it out, I have the closet in the game room designated for my shoe closet only! Isn't this picture heaven??}

(A nice camera, the Nikon d5000 would be perfect. When I get this camera I am signing up for photography classes and I'm going to become an amazing photographer. Just for me and my family, of course...I want to be able to capture some awesome artsy pictures of my cute family!!}

{A new bff for Rockie, and not just any dog-a white german shephard! They're so beautiful.}

{A fifth wheel for our camping trips. Dan and I are going to start our yearly tradition this year of a City of Rocks camping trip. It will be a fun tradition, especially when our kids are older!}

{Mmmm cookie dough. I put this in my wish list because I am going to grab some out of the freezer right now and eat it. That will get me started on checking off my wishlist! :)}

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  1. If you ever get that closet can I come over just to sit in it and admire all your shoes!