A weekend in pictures and a trashy magazine

Dad and me
Us all hike
mom and meSwingin
group photo

I know, it's Wednesday, and you're thinking, "Why is she just now posting weekend pictures??" Well I'll tell you why, it's because my weekend just ended! That's right, a big long four day earth-shakin weekend. So essentially, today is my Monday. Which means I'll get another big long weekend in no time. Does it get any better then that?! Really, does it? That's why I live in Utah. We get a whole Holiday all to ourselves. Two Holidays in July, now that's how it should be my friends.

Anyway, if you looked at my house you would be ashamed. I have a sink full of dishes, a lonely vacuum gathering dust in the closet, and a pile of dirty clothes crying in the hamper. I know really, dirty clothes can't cry, but if they could...that's all I'm saying. If they could...

Really now, I don't mind much spending four days playing and zero days cleaning. It kind of feels like that's the way life should be, you know? You probably don't know, and you're probably disgusted at me. But that's okay, I'm disgusted at me a little too. And are you wondering why I didn't do any cleaning when little guy took his daily naps? Because I had Grey's Anatomy reruns to watch, that is why. And that is reason enough!

I had big plans for today. I had a nice long run planned this morning, but then I woke up all barfy, so I decided to pass up the run. (I think the barfy might have something to do with the cotton candy and large vanilla cream rootbeer I had last night. A little much sugar for my poor little tummy.) Instead I slept in and avoided barfing. Then I had big plans to go home and do some Yoga during my lunch break, but I decided a soft taco and some stuffed mexi-fries sounded much better. I washed them down with a Dr. Pepper and followed it all with a delicious blueberry filled cupcake. Yes, much better then Yoga.

And then, well, at the risk of upsetting husband I'm going to tell you what else happened today. I went to the store and bought a magazine. A magazine! Once upon a time I used to be a magazine junky. Fitness, Self, Allure, Glamour, Marie Claire...oh those were the days! But alas, I have spent years slowly but surely kicking the bad money wasting habit of buying magazines. Welllll, today has been a long day (come on, it's my monday, remember?) and I when I saw Demi Lovato's long, gorgeous, blonde wavy locks flashing me from the magazine stand, I knew I had to have them. Along with the headline, "Hotter & Sexier in 3 days". Come on ladies, could I pass that up? I'll be hotter and sexier by next week?! Done. I sort of feel like a recovering alcoholic who had a swig of wine. Except, in a much less dramatic and not even comparable way.

Well now I'm a little ashamed and feeling slightly bloated, so what else to do but get in a swimsuit and spend the night in the pool! Swim lessons followed by family swim night. Followed by laying in bed reading my trashy magazine. Followed by one more day of work, followed by another long weekend filled with swimming and bbq's. This summertime, it sure is good to me!

Oh, and maybe I will clean my house this weekend. Maybe...we'll see.

PS okay, the bachelorette-BEST SEASON EVER! I will miss it so. Jef and Emily are the cutest couple ever. EV-ER. They will last a lifetime I tell ya! That is all.

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