From me to you.

When I find things that make my life better, I'm really just not one to hoard all of the goodness to myself. Ya dig?? This is a small list of new discoveries highly recommended by *moi*, from personal experience.
 Photobucket This winter treadmill workout that I found on pinterest. I hate that darn treadmill, but sometimes it's just too freezing outside for your lungs to handle. So try this out, I tell you! And fair warning, your behind will be sore!

This BB Cream. Am I the last person on the planet to try a bb cream?! Probably. Well I tell you what, my goodness I will never go back! If you don't have a bb cream in your makeup bag, I HIGHLY recommend. It's sort of like a tinted moisturizer, but with SPF, antioxidants, great coverage and a dewy glow. So far I like the Maybelline brand, but I also hear the L'Oreal is great too.

This olay pro x cleansing system, for a soft and glowing complexion. I picked this lovely up just last week, and I am already smitten! I use it in the shower every night. In only days I can tell such a difference. And this baby is only 30 bucks!

This tv series, Downton Abbey. Just another thing that I'm probably the last person on the planet to discover. I watched two seasons in under a week! Fabulous, I tell you. If for some crazy reason you haven't watched it yet, sit your bum on the couch, turn on hulu and check it out!

This mascara, for those killer eyelashes that I love. (They have all different kinds, I got the thickening one.) One day I might get lash extensions to satisfy my long lash love, but for now this stuff is the best mascara I've tried so far!

And last but not least, this comfy sweater. I bought it in grey, but now they are sold out in all colors except this lovely red. And it's on major sale right now! Hurry, before they're all gone! It's nice because I can wear it around the house with leggings for a comfortable look, or I can wear it out with jeans and it turns fancy shmancy. And it's always comfy. Which is the highest on my priority list, you know.

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