{My Inspiration List}

If you know me, you know how much I love being motivated and inspired.

Since I joined the blogging world I have absolutely fallen in love with it. IN LOVE I tell you! I have a passion for taking too many pictures and documenting everything. {I actually have to refrain a little, else you would all be reading about everything I eat and everytime I discover anything new.} Perhaps to some of your annoyance, I just love documenting everything. This blog, it's my creative outlet. My journey. My time capsule to capture the memories and moments and feelings and thoughts that I don't want to forget. I love going back in time and reading or looking at pictures from the past.

In this blogging journey, I've also fallen IN LOVE with some amazingly inspiring and stylish bloggers. The kind of girls that motivate me. The kind of girls I want to be! These are my morning coffee reads in place of the newspaper. I follow them on social networks, I take their style ideas into my own life. I learn from things they post about. They are amazing I tell you.

{and even though not all the blogs I read are mommy bloggers, given my current situation those are my favorite to read. they have taught me that after having babies you can just get prettier!}

So here you go, I thought I should share a few with you. You know, instead of keeping them all to myself.

My very favorite hands down is Natalie at: http://natthefatrat.com {she is my idol!}

When I first discovered style blogs, the very first one I got hooked on was Sydney at http://www.thedaybookblog.com

I also religiously read:








And there you go. Just a few of my favorites to share with the world. You know, just in case you have been in a cave and haven't had the chance to read them yet.

Happy Friday you guys!

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