I love that about you.

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Dear Jace,

Sometimes, if I squint hard enough, I can picture you as a teenager. It's awful and I don't like to think about it, because you will always be my baby, but nonetheless I can do it. And I do it because I like to encorporate the qualities and personality traits that you hold now into the person you are going to become. You have so much incredible personality, all of your own, that you make it easy for me to see.

Baby, you are going to be a leader in every sense of the word. When the other kids are playing in their groups, I love to watch you. You smile and wave and laugh at what they are doing, but you never ever care to go play with them. You go your own way, you explore new things. At the playground, you like the slide for a minute or two but what you really want is to explore. You like to walk around the railroad ties and balance. You like to peek through the holes in the surrounding fences and try to see what is happening in the backyards. You like to hit the sidewalk and walk around the neighborhood, naming everything that we pass. "Rock! That's a red one! Truck! Oooh that's a green one! Doggie! No bark doggie!" You like to learn new things and go to new places and you never like to do what everyone else is doing. Not ever.

I love that about you.

Your independence amazes me. From such a young age you refused to let me do things for you. You wanted to feed yourself, you refused the bottle, you wanted to sit by us at the big table instead of your high chair to eat and you even gave up your binky all on your own. One day I just blink, and bam-you decide you want to do another thing that makes you less of a baby, and all too soon if you ask me. You want to do things on your own.

I love that about you.

You are smart. And I'm not trying to brag, but you are so smart baby. You know your ABC's, and you have known them for a while now. You can spell your name. You know all of the shapes and most of the colors. You love to read. And I never fail to be amazed at how much you understand when we are talking to you. You love to talk and carry on conversations with us.

I love that about you.

You have your daddy's knack for technology and his love for adventure. You are slightly obsessed (understatement) with tractors. You get excited about anything with an engine, including but not limited to semi-trucks, garbage trucks, dump trucks, and motorcycles. Your favorite foods are hot dogs and pizza. You love the water and being outdoors. You get frustrated very easily but you calm down just as fast. You are a great sleeper. You like to boss Rockie around. You love mom and dad more than anything in the world. Your eyes light up everytime you see us, you laugh at everything we do, and you always want our company. I hope that lasts forever and ever, baby.

Because I love that about you.


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