Is it Friday yet?

I came here today to tell you all about my feat of not drinking Dr Pepper. I thought to myself, self you did so good! I am so proud of you, you healthy little minx! Then I patted myself on the back and gave myself a high five, because I deserved it. And then I realized that everyone was looking at me funny, so I stopped.

But here I was, writing to you like HEY you! Look what I did! I haven't had a Dr Pepper in...stops, thinks back, counts on fingers, furrows brows in confusion...wait, that can't be right...

Two days. Two full days without Dr Pepper and I was ready to throw myself a party, and for what?! I am ridiculous.

But I swear to you, those two days felt like weeks! I was sure I had gone weeks without drinking it! I was SURE.

Anyway, I was so discouraged when I realized it had only been two days, that I grabbed a cold can of DP out of the fridge and I'm sipping it as we speak. Er-as I write.

Who cares about kicking an unhealthy habit anyway? I mean, who really cares?!

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