Our week in pictures.

 photo 6DDDB6CE-90AE-45A0-9277-5EC9944452BA-14172-00000DCC32FDACB9_zps362ff743.jpg photo 1E8CE5E7-201C-41DE-8ADA-F0F63B8DB8C2-14172-00000DCC5A74898A_zps0e7c1fb3.jpg photo 1A9C593B-0C5B-419C-9808-983749A1FF55-14172-00000DCC654767CD_zpse6d25294.jpg photo E793BDEB-D445-47B1-BDB6-84115036BCA5-14172-00000DCC970CA3EA_zps9d3ca308.jpg photo D6E4E325-B584-4A64-A931-4A096BAFAD7A-14172-00000DCC9ED78C50_zps73f36ebc.jpg photo 1569BE1D-E4DF-42B7-A950-DF8AB84FC0D5-14172-00000DCD625EC93E_zpseba8ce08.jpg photo 43276123-6328-43ED-810B-8D4039BE9ED2-14172-00000DCD054F982A_zps7799aaaf.jpg photo 6C0A3D17-C716-40A6-8FB7-8E76ECF0FBF3-14172-00000DCCF7BB2589_zps16226576.jpg photo F0B106FA-ED0B-4E7D-9363-CD03C4C8F7F7-14172-00000DCD1EB60BA3_zps2900e2ea.jpg photo 17B9FAD6-192F-427F-8539-69C473EA89F7-14172-00000DCD265DCA64_zps9191ad77.jpg photo A50FA6D6-D7F1-4D9A-BEE7-C7734BB40AD1-14172-00000DCD86469929_zps2b49c7ea.jpg photo 30EE53F9-C33D-426E-8473-C0FF7BCE8358-14172-00000DCD93C4FB9B_zps81088e7e.jpg photo 8A016AF6-37F6-4145-9DC3-8C5EE4CDA342-14172-00000DCD9DD204CA_zps81e15642.jpg photo D6CCA86A-FDB7-48D1-B888-F58ADCA2EC00-14172-00000DCDA458C80D_zps28376948.jpg photo 12F5BA1E-CA96-4B61-929C-869C7A71BC4A-14172-00000DCDB60977A9_zps20180c39.jpg photo B20E6EC5-44B0-49A2-B1AF-35C93E1BCF8E-14172-00000DCDDDEE5E0D_zps9b05e8ec.jpg photo 38C95B26-EF1B-4E71-8CC4-DF8B3C50285F-14172-00000DCDE712EB1D_zpsd2bbfa8c.jpg photo 0F42D99E-2A50-4C53-932A-EBFA6AC27D56-14172-00000DCE2948AEC3_zpsbba9b1b2.jpg photo 9D2748A8-ACC8-4D4E-8184-513454D9C578-14172-00000DCE34FBE16E_zps5c56a203.jpg

If you haven't already heard the big news...


That's not a secret code for anything, even though it should be because it sounds cool doesn't it? This the real deal...WE PLANTED OUR GRASS and that last picture there is a piece of our backyard right now. All green and splotchy and muddy and PERFECT. We are pretty stoked around these parts.

Six weeks of staying off the yard, with a dog and a two year old? Piece of cake! (I'm actually dreading it but I have to keep reminding myself that it's all worth it.)

Now that it's Memorial Day weekend, we have plans to do what we do every year on Memorial Day weekend...Camping! Would you know, I'm not in love with camping? I mean, it's fun but it's not my favorite thing in the whole wide world. Mostly because I really love king sized beds and dishwashers and toilets, most of which you can't find on a camping trip. Now if you sent me off with an RV equipped with a sink, toilet, and BEDS? Well then LET'S GO CAMPING!

We usually use my Mama's RV, but this weekend I have to "princess-down", if you will. Luckily Grandma and Grandpa Lewis just hooked us up with a brand new five-man tent! And although I couldn't find anywhere on the box that said dishwasher included, I'm still pretty excited to use it. Plus, what with the new staying off the yard rule at our house, my puppy and my two year old sure could use a space to roam free! But remember this camping trip last year? Let's all hope that isn't our jinx on camping trips. No broken bones this year! Please!

And long story short: I guess I'm kind of excited.

I'm also excited for everything else the next three to four months will hold for us. Namely, GRASS! Lagoon, pool days, fireworks, bbq's, fairs, rodeos, water parks, boating, hiking, picnics...the days I live for, I tell you. Sweet sweet summah time!

Happy Weekend you guys!

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