Friday at the riverbed with Huck Finn.

Today we had three choices: melt into puddles at the playground, cool off at the crowded pool, or go skinny dipping at the riverbed underneath the shade of the tall trees.

At first we went with choice number one and it didn't go over well. So we changed our minds and headed down to the riverbed. Jace is a natural Huckleberry Finn, full of love for adventure and an imagination to boot. Not too mention that mop head of hair. He would choose a dirty riverbed full of rocks and sticks over anything else, any day of the week.

At the river we found a perfect tall stick which quickly became J's best friend. He flipped it through the water and used it as a cane and swatted it around this way and that while yelling, "Pirates! Pirates!" And I fell in love with him all over again, like I do most everyday.

But lest you think we are perfect, there was quite the melt down when it came time to leave the dirty riverbed adventure and go get some lunch. Sorry my little Huck Finn, it can't all be fun and adventure all of the time. Sometimes we have to take breaks for eating and sleeping.

 photo 85F250E1-6B5E-40A4-A678-0262FE787293-27257-00001AF76BAC4B81_zps9bcbee55.jpg photo 63D52310-D247-4C82-B6CC-CAA3BC3AD5CB-27257-00001AF76103BF98_zps90be6c47.jpg photo 95D37F95-6FA8-45E6-8B55-75F724C9B1EE-27257-00001AF77C275ADA_zpsff32cfff.jpg photo F12FF49A-E8A8-45F5-AC30-FAF6CCBE1F20-27257-00001AF78976A859_zps9b04f789.jpg photo 9FA483D8-852C-4BC5-827D-29D32D239814-27257-00001AF793203E1C_zps8de0e763.jpg photo 2CF8879A-FCF0-4E49-9839-0FB29831468B-27257-00001AF7A3AEAFF8_zps1ccc676e.jpg photo CB5A2658-4471-484B-AD0D-E1E42073204C-27257-00001AF7AF14B418_zps0b8d4687.jpg photo 08C55555-3923-4F76-9CC9-905F236BB9F8-27257-00001AF7BC65DA9C_zps894178bf.jpg photo EC451330-1415-4EC1-999C-D0D61CF7D2BC-27257-00001AF7E485109E_zps72ebe70a.jpg photo DC8B1214-8C1A-4A3C-AE4D-DEB8DE2C9302-27257-00001AF7EDB8B4FF_zpsf583e2ec.jpg photo D0A3DD61-199F-4B16-9631-03DA673F0781-27257-00001AF7FC908203_zps0274f3e2.jpg photo 80E0E5C0-330D-4D7A-9BD5-07137BB95926-27257-00001AF810E81536_zps63d0b014.jpg photo 643DD002-488D-4529-B388-EE261F2FF053-27257-00001AF8179A7218_zps9330a1ce.jpg photo 1E2E817B-D086-419E-9F09-EAA0FDFC5CF7-27257-00001AF81EEB332A_zps6f89d831.jpg photo F12885EC-99AC-4581-B91A-087A7F07A9D5-27257-00001AF825852B74_zps6226745f.jpg  photo 54F3925D-2FE0-4CAE-9434-A2470C0A329A-27257-00001AF82B8024A6_zpsb328366e.jpg

And for the record, he chose all on his own to take those clothes off and swim naked for a while. He's a free spirit, this one. And he tried to convince me to take mine off too, because he doesn't quite understand the implications yet.

"Mom shirt off? Mom water?"

"No baby, mom will keep her shirt on, thank you."

Happy Friday to you all. Find a river and stay cool out there!

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