Winter Days and Pinterest.


Winter time is rough. Roughhhh.

We are going stir crazy a little at the c house. You can only stay in watching movies for so long until you want to throw your tv out, you know? We made it two weeks into January and we are already sick of movies and moving onto board games, which we'll be sick of soon too.

And would you know, I made the mistake of looking at pictures from warmer weather days of last year, and shoot. Hikes and roadtrips and long walks and long runs and weeknight picnics down by the river under the shade of a tall green tree. It's crazy how much more those days mean when you are in the thick of a freezing cold winter. And that, to me, is the benefit to January. Without January, it would be so much easier to take the better and warmer days for granted. January makes me grateful. February makes me grateful too, and usually half of March.

And through the parts of winter that I hate with my whole being, I will admit that it's beautiful. Yes, I'll give you that. The mountains and the fields laid in white snow, they're all very pretty.

But if only we could live in California for the winters, like retired snowbirds moving back and forth to follow the sun. Wouldn't that be grand? It's not logical or realistic with real jobs and school for kids, but it would be grand. That's alls I'm sayin'.

Hashtag januarymostlysucks.

And anyway. I'm slowly getting over this awful sickness and I'm feeling much better now thankyouverymuch. I slept better last night then I have in months. So there is good news to be had in this post! I'm getting some energy back and feeling more motivation creeping in, which is fabulous. I made some homemade bread last night and I'm making homemade granola tonight and I've even done some dishes, so you see? Energy! Motivation! I've missed it so.

Speaking of homemade granola, I need to confess something to you: my life is better because of Pinterest. I've loved Pinterest since the beginning of time, largely because it inspires me so and there's not many things I love more than feeling inspired. I find so many outfit inspirations, recipes to branch out and try, home decorating ideas. I love it, I just do. It's sort of life changing and wonderful and thank goodness for it! Pinterest, you make me better. I kiss your face.

Well I'm off to cook some and pin some and dream of warmer days ahead. Happy weekend friends. Happy cold, snowy weekend. Let's just make the best of it, hmmm?

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