the first weekend in may

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^^ hey, let's take a picture in the blinding sun! it will turn out lovely! and this is the last time i wear heels until after i have this baby. ay ay ay, my poor feet after three hours in those heels!

// i love may. don't you just love may?

// this week has been a little bit of a blur. most of the time i'm working. when i'm not at work, i'm spending the evenings at the park with jace and rockie. when i'm not at the park with jace and rockie, i'm trying to decide whether to make dinner or order pizza. when we're not eating pizza, er, a home cooked meal, we are playing baseball in the backyard. and when the sun goes down, when my sweet toddler is fast asleep in bed, i'm eating cereal and watching desperate housewives. then i wake up and do it all again. but time is going really fast and i'm honestly not complaining. i'm so large these days that i can feel the sidewalks crack beneath me when i walk, but still. time is going fast and this sweet babe is going to be in my arms soon.

// do you know what i'm going to miss the most when this baby comes and i have to start working on losing some extra pounds? stuffed mexi fries and dirty dr peppers. oh and speaking of stuffing my face, we now have a five guys burgers and a johnny o's spudnuts in our ever-growing-valley, and they both make me so happy. have you ever tried the blueberry cake spudnut at johnny o's? if not, you must. it is delightful.

// and now it's friday. i'm looking forward to a break from work, 80 degree weather, a date night with my studly bearded fellow, grocery shopping (our poor pantry is bare!), sunday breakfast with friends, and some adventuring up the canyon in the sunshine. weekends are so grand.

happy friday to you and yours!


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