five things i'm lovin' this week

 ^^ this beard oil for the hubs. i love a good beard, don't you? this stuff is pretty rad. it smells delightful and softens the prickly so when you want a good kiss you don't have to suffer. i bought sandalwood and sexy, but there are a million scents and next time i reaaalllyyy want to try campfire!

 ^^ this daily multivitamin with energy. as much caffeine as a cup of coffee people! need i say more?

 ^^ leather jackets! jacket weather! falllll! (green jacket from love culture, tan jacket from h&m, black jacket from tj maxx, rose jacket from forever 21)

 ^^ this peach chiffon body lotion from forever 21. smells so yummy that i want to eat my arm every time i use it. and it's super thick, so a little bit goes a lonnnggg way.

^^ this recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip bread. pumpkin everything! fallllll!

TGIF! i am currently packing our bags and soon we are hitting the road for the long weeked, uea break, you know. have a happy weekend friends! come on over and follow me on insta for daily play by plays, you know, if you like that kind of thing. we all know that i do.


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