iphone photo dump + thoughts on dinner

It has recently come to my attention that there are actually people out there who eat dinner every single night. I mean, not just eat dinner, but COOK it! Isn’t that absurd?! And also, I get the feeling that it’s normal. Do you ever do that? You discover something new and you think, well my goodness that’s ridiculous! and then you look into it some more and you find out that in fact it’s not ridiculous, it’s what they call “normal” and everyone is actually doing it except for you. 

Anyway. It seems that if I were to ask my search engine about this, I might find many studies suggesting how important it is to COOK and EAT dinner every night. So I don’t ask my search engine because, well isn’t it kind of obvious? I don’t want to hear about what a failure I am. I believe that google is likened unto calories, in that: if you don’t look at the amount of calories you are eating, then they don’t count. If you don’t google something, then every article out there doesn’t actually exist.
Moving on.

It has recently come to my attention that some people EAT and COOK dinner every night. Isn’t that absurd?! 

I always make breakfast. Almost always a bowl of oatmeal, sometimes eggs with cheese and tomatoes. Jace always has toast, and Dan is never hungry that early in the day. Sometimes I cook a special breakfast on special occasions. It’s always pancakes, because I always forget that Dan in fact does not like pancakes. Jace, on the other hand, would live off of them and so I suppose that’s why I keep making them. No one eats them except for Jace. It really shows who rules the roost around our house.
Am I losing you yet? This is all very relevant to my point, stay with me.
On occasion I find myself feeling particularly concerned with my lack of domestic ability. But wait, I’m not all that un-domestic. (Is that a word?) I can whip up a mean chocolate chip cookie. And I bake bread from scratch, did you know that? I start in the morning so that once we pass through all of the rising windows and the up to my elbows in kneading dough, by the early afternoon my home will smell like heaven and we will have warm fresh-baked bread on the cooling racks. Sometimes it turns out slightly dry and crumbly, which is always such a shame, but most of the time it’s very edible and that’s domestic, is it not? I also make pico de gallo by the bucket loads all summer long while the tomatoes are ripe in the garden. And I have this specialty dish of bbq skillet pork that really packs a punch and we always go back for seconds. I mean, the list goes on but what I’m basically saying is that I’m not terribly un-domestic. (I’m making it a word.)

So why do I find it so begrudging to put dinner on the table every night? I suppose it's one of those mysteries in life that might never be solved. (also to be noted, some of my favorite easily-accessible dinners: bagels, cereal, leftover chinese food, frozen burritos and little ceasers pizza.)

And sometimes I wonder, do you get to the end of my rants and think that there will be a point to them? If so, I am truly sorry to disappoint. 

But how about an iphone photodump, would that do? Here is another week or so in pictures, only the good stuff, straight from my phone to my blog. As you can see we have been really working hard to soak up this beautifully perfect fall that we have been blessed with. I hope it continues because, like every other sane person I know, I'm sure not ready for winter yet.

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