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October is beautiful and crazy.

Work is always slammed this time of year in the healthcare field, all of the deductibles rolling over and whatnotandwhathaveyou. Family life is always busy because there's fall festivities and halloween festivities and, oh did I mention Gillmore Girls on Netflix? So when all is said and done lately I don't have much time to wash my hair, let alone come here and do a blog post. It's pathetic and also wonderful. I love being busy, and amidst the busy I love having shameless Gillmore Girls binging fests while spooning Nutella straight from the jar! I'm living the life. THE LIFE.


Last weekend (or was it the weekend before last? I'm slowly losing track of time...) we spent the weekend at a cabin in bear lake with our favorite friends. The kids had a ball and the moms and dads stayed up wayyyy past our bedtimes and it was all so very wonderful. I think I've said this before and I'm just sure I'll say it again, but I have the best people in my life! I love our friends. Our kids are all making the best memories together and it's so much fun.

This just in: Beck has made his solid-eating debut. And as if that wasn't enough, just tonight he rolled over all by himself. For the love of all that is holy, slow down! This babe is such a dream. Have you seen him lately? He's half my size! Ridiculously chunky babies are what I do best. I can't get enough of his squishy cheeks and his giggles and his sweet baby talk. And I'm writing this all down so that in three years when I declare that I'm really done having children, I'll come back to read this and change my own mind! ;)

Also, do you see that chocolate chip cannoli up there? That's from a local bakery called Sweetly Divine, which I had never been to before. I had to decide between that cannoli and the blackberry tart which was such a hard decision, but it turns out that I made the right choice. It was quite delightful, as far as cannolis go! I have this dream of traveling to Italy and spending my trip searching for the very best cannoli. Isn't that a romantic thought? I have a thing for cannolis. I'd like to have a thing for real Italian connolis, not just Italian American cannolis. (Although I did read something once that said the pural for cannoli is actually "cannolo" if you're a true Italian and so, I suppose there's that.)

And to end my randomness, let's talk about ankle boots for a quick moment. I'm obsessed with ankle boots these days, they are all that I think about! I have six pairs of ankle boots in my closet, and five of them are the exact same color with slightly different details. It's ridiculous. Each time I buy a new pair of shoes it's the same process: I excitedly show them off to the hubs, in which he says, "Uh, don't you already have a pair JUST LIKE THAT?" And while I laugh and assure him that I DO NOT, I take my new shoes to their new home in my closet and that's when I always realize that I in fact DO. I don't know what to do about it. (I know what you're thinking: "I'LL TELL YOU WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT, STOP BUYING SHOES!")

Now there, aren't you glad you wasted two minutes (give or take, I don't know how fast you read) of your day to read this post? Carry on!


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