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I have been keenly aware more and more these days of how beautiful this stage of life that we are in right now is, and there is a part of me that would like it to never end. Kids grow so fast, you know? Everyone tells you that they will, but you just don't know until they do. I love the adventure these boys give us. Life is one big adventure. One big roller coaster of perfection. I love it so.
So it’s January right now (I think we established that already) and typically in January we are bored out of our minds. This year is no exception. Januarys are a little bit dreary in my neck of the woods, largely because we live underneath a massive lid that’s trapping all of our pollutants so that they hover on the valley floor and can’t clear out until we are blessed with a snowstorm. We go days at a time without being able to see the mountains or the sky and it’s dreadfully disheartening. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, and even though we might be suffering long term effects of lung cancer from breathing in pollutants, the good we can take from this is how much we learn to appreciate the sun and the mountains and the blue sky in all of their glory!
Come February we feel like Zombies who were just injected with a cure. Is that a thing? Is there a cure for Zombies?? I don’t watch many zombie movies (except that brad pitt one was splendid, two thumbs up!) but I can picture it in my head: pale skin, blood stained lips, dusty hands held in front of their yellow tinted eyes that are squinting upward into the first splinter of sunlight that they’ve seen since the dawn of the dead. Trying to remember who they are and what they are doing and why they have blood splattered all over them in the first place, they slowly start to pick up their dragging feet, the confused daze slipping away and in its place a startling recognition: they are people again! They are living people who can bathe in sunlight and think happy thoughts and move and breathe and it’s beautiful! They will never forget how beautiful it is to be alive! (That’s my overly dramatic and slightly gory portrayal of what we valley folk feel like come February.)
But until February. Januarys. January is for a lot of binge watching at my house. Movies and TV shows and buttery air popped popcorn until we want to puke! Our rear end indents on our wearing leather couches become much more prominent in January. It’s so very boring and dire while also being this sort of guilty pleasure that we never enjoy quite so much as we are able to in January. Because is there any better excuse than a valid one? In my house we aren’t big tv watchers, so come January we really make up for the rest of the year when we weren’t watching tv. In January we turn into the average Americans, is what I’m probably saying. (no offense?)
So let me tell you, the hubs and I are stocked in the January binge watching department. We use our apple tv to sinfully indulge in every app out there that would bring to our fingertips the widest variety of tv shows and movies that you could dream of! We have our most watched apps which are the basics, Netflix and Hulu. A close third is the HBO GO app which I have come to really love this winter. I use HBO GO most for their sex and the city reruns and their amazing variety of movies. I mean, just last week we watched Ladyhawke because the hubs had never seen it before, can you believe that? Michelle Pfeiffer in her glory days! Then there is the watch ABC app (for when I miss an episode of the bachelor), the FOX NOW app and the HISTORY channel app. I can’t be sure but I think we also have a Discovery channel app? The hubs, he would know. We also have and seldom use Crackle. Oh and, we also indulge in the occasional redbox, you know.  I mean really, it’s ridiculous to live in this day and age, that’s what it is! We are the spoiled rotten of all generations.
When I’m by myself I delight in Gilmore Girls or a good 90’s movie. I love 90’s movies, don’t you? They are my guilty pleasure. I don’t know what it is about the 90’s but truth be told, I love everything about that decade. I’ll never stop watching You’ve Got Mail and While You Were Sleeping all year round. And since you brought it up, well no, don’t even get me started on the list. Okay, you’re too late, I’m started! There’s Jurrassic Park, 10 Things I Hate About You, Forest Gump, Big, Sleepless in Seattle, anything with Tom Hanks, Dumb and Dumber, Hocus Pocus, The Truman Show, Fight Club, A River Runs Through It, (brad pitt in the 90’s, amirite?!), Hook, The Net, Pulp Fiction, The Sandlot, Pretty Woman, Good Will Hunting, Empire Records, Mrs. Doubtfire, Groundhog Dog… I mean my goodness, the 90’s knew how to make them! 

(And I’m only adding this because I grew up with brothers and I currently have a little ninja turtles lover: the TMNT movie from the 90’s is at least one hundred times better than this new age one with that megan fox girl. Even if Raphael taught Jace the word “damn”.) (And even though it was from the 80’s, I grew up watching it in the 90’s so I’m adding Top Gun. Duh.)(Oh, and don’t forget tv shows from the 90’s! FRIENDS! The Fresh Prince of Belair! Saved by the Bell! Seinfield! Home Improvement! Okay SOMEBODY STOP ME.)
Dan and I together, usually late at nights, delight in quirky comedies. We are currently binge watching all of Community on Hulu, which is THE BEST. (chevy chase!) We also occasionally skip over to New Girl, Modern Family and Raising Hope. (to be noted while talking about the best quirky comedies: about every other January or so we re-watch the entire 9 seasons of Scrubs. Actually, eight seasons because season 9 isn’t worth watching.)
The hubs when he is by himself is typically indulging in the history channel and I’ll never understand it while also, I completely love that about him. The new show that he's all excited about is The Curse of Oak Island. The story behind it is actually quite intriguing! (But don't get me wrong, when it comes to reality tv I stick with the bachelor.)
And then there’s Jace, who doesn’t love watching tv, even in January. Give the kid his bicycle and a pair of mittens, that’s all he wants! But when he does watch the tube he sticks to his usuals: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Doki or Legos, with the occasional Bananas in Pyjamas which heaven help us is the most boring show I’ve ever seen before.
Did you make it through this post? While it was fun to write, I’m just sure that must have been horribly painful to read. My apologies! 

Unless you were really looking for some good recommendations to entertain you while you work on your own couch rear end indents? In which case, you're welcome.

Come onnnnnn, Spring. 64 more days! But who’s counting?!

**This post was sponsored by another dreary January in which I have nothing else to post about.**

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