Weekend in pictures - the birthday edition PART 2

Well we wrapped up Birthday month quite nicely last weekend. I’m sad to see it go, but I know it will be back before I know it so, that’s life I suppose! We were kid-less for one day and night this go around, and so everything felt insanely carefree. We wanted to do a nice hike and pack in lunch to somewhere we hadn’t been before, and somehow we ended up at waterfall canyon in ogden, of all places! By the time we got there it was noon and fetching ninety degrees. Thanks a lot, September.

The first half mile into the hike was so awfully miserable, a sandy walk going straight up hill with no shade, only the blaring sun burning through our skin. We cursed Ogden a hundred times in those twenty minutes. Ogden! Go to hell, you big fat jerk!

But then, when we thought we might give up, we entered waterfall canyon. The first thing we encountered was a tiny bridge over-top a shallow stream of water running down the mountain, sheltered under a glorious patch of shade. Rockie plopped herself into that stream and lapped up water for ten minutes straight while we rested and gulped water of our own.

Miracles do happen! Heaven is real! We aren’t dead!

The hike from then on out was beautiful. As we continued climbing up the mountain we dove deeper into the thick of the shade provided by clusters of trees. We climbed rocks and waded through tiny puddles of water overflow from the stream following our path. It was a decent ascent but we got to the end before we knew it, being much shorter than we realized, where we were greeted by a two-hundred foot tall waterfall. I’m sure earlier in the season this was a furious downfall of water but on this day at the end of September it was just more than a trickle. A stunning, well earned trickle.

We took some pictures (with our new selfie stick! Stop judging, it’s wonderful) and cooled off beneath the falls before setting up lunch in a rocky shaded self-made kitchen. We munched on our bagels and protein bars and swigged our sweet tea and dr pepper and enjoyed each others company like you only can when you are carefree and kidless.

It was beautiful for the memories alone.

The rest of the day consisted of shopping and a lovely dinner with my parents and that night we were *this close* to taking the kayaks out for a midnight dip, but we got too tired while we were planning it and ended up in bed by eleven. Marks our age, doesn’t it?

The next morning we slept in and then had breakfast at the lovely crepery. My Dan was a crepery virgin and I think he had a splendid first time! The crepes were delicious, mine stuffed with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes and pesto, his with pepper jack and bacon and avocado. My dirty chai latte and his mocha, all decorated beautifully and sipped to perfection. And all of this enjoyed on their back patio, sitting at a little wooden table under the shade of tall trees while watching the river flowing next to us! But to be honest, the theme of the men’s bathroom is what won him over in the end. 

This was another beautiful relaxed morning brought to you by, you guessed it, NO KIDS. Let me clarify here that I love my boys more than, well more than MOST THINGS, but having a day and night without the little munchkins is a recharge to the relationship battery, if you know what I mean. And I’m betting you do.
We did pick the boys up after lunch, right when I was just starting to really miss them, so it all worked out well. Saturday night we met with a big group of friends and had a wonderful evening at the cabin, roasting hot dogs and feeling so much love for the contrast of a cool fall evening from the previous day’s heat.

It was a lovely weekend and happy birthday to us! And a big THANKS for all of the love from everyone. We feel all of the feelings: blessed and loved and happy and hopeful and old and young all at the same time. Life is good and we won't ever forget it!

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