snowstorm adventures


We are at a stage in life right now where we have to plan our schedules around Beck's nap time. Naps are pretty sacred, you know, and so our priorities are:

1. nap time
2. everything else in life

This list of priorities leads us to be pretty spontaneous with our adventures and it's typically a last minute venture when we decide to do something.

This was one of those times, when we knew we had to hurry and catch the last few hours of daylight at the tail end of a massive snowstorm that dumped snow on the valley all day long. We drove to our favorite spot in the mountains where Dan shoveled us a nice nook for sitting around the fire and drinking hot chocolate. We ended up staying there for hours, lingering even after the sun went down and the darkness settled in, taking advantage of the fresh air and campfire's beauty and heat as long as we possibly could.

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  1. Haha, we are SO with you on the priorities list right now! And that picture of a peeing jace is the BEST, haha! I have to say, I really admire how you guys don't let kids slow you down when it comes to outdoor adventures.