day on the lake


Our plan was to take lunch out on the lake. We paddled to the middle of the reservoir where the view was opulent and delighted in sandwiches overflowing with meat and banana peppers and followed them up with cinnamon rolls the size of our faces.

We then paddled West where, due to the water being so high yet from the spring runoff, we found an entirely new world on the reservoir which typically is so covered in overgrown vegetation that you can't get through. So we decided to follow the path and explore new territory.

What started as a lunch date on the lake ended in a long four mile paddle through thickets and beaver dams. We were yelled at by the geese around the bends. A great blue heron surprised us once, flying away in front of our kayaks, lacing our eyes and rendering us speechless with its magical magnificent blue coloring which became a soft paint brush smear against the gray sky. An enormous bald eagle soared above the crows, casually scanning the water for fish. None of these were captured on camera solely because sometimes, I think, they don't want to be captured. I think it is the universe telling us to enjoy the moments of beauty, where sometimes trying to capture those moments can take from the peace and significance of the instant.

Now it is Monday morning and I'm just wishing I was back out on the kayak! We played hard this weekend and didn't get much sleep, which I'm just sure is what contributes to this scratchy throat and balloon head feeling that I woke up with this morning. Hashtag worth it.

Happy Monday friends! Get out there and get you some!


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