The joys of "motherhood"!


{WARNING: This story is not suitable for those who have a weak stomach!}

On April fools day this year, just a month before we got married, Dan surprised me with my wedding present: a Boston Terrier. For that next month while Rockie lived at his house, Dan dealt with the hardest part of owning a new puppy. He cleaned up pee and poo from the kennel to every room in the house, he disciplined (which brings his biggest complaint, he's now forever "the bad guy"), he slept with earplugs while Rockie whined at nights... By the time I came to live in the same house, the hard part was practically over and we had a good, obedient, smart house trained puppy! Dan can take all the credit for how good she is!

Now I'm starting to catch on to why I think Dan got Rockie in the first place. I think he was trying to keep any baby hunger I might have at bay. And don't tell Dan, but I think it's working! It can be a lot of work to take care of Rockie, along with a lot of money and a lot of worry! We've lost the luxury of sleeping in on the weekends, we still have at least one salt pile at any given time somewhere in the house to soak up her accidents, and we even buckle her up for every car ride.

Well last night was one of those nights that really curb my baby hunger. It all started when we were at my dad's house for his Birthday BBQ, and Grandpa decides to sneak Rockie a good spoonful or more of whip cream. Whip Cream? Seriously?! So late last night I go to bed with my alarm set for 5:30 a.m. and then roll around for a while because I can't fall asleep. I finally fall asleep well past my bedtime, and at 4:00 in the morning I wake up to an awful smell lingering under my nose. {That's how bad it was, it woke me up!} I carefully get out of bed and turn on the light to see Rockie cowering in the closet and a very, very disgusting present left right in front of the door! I will save your stomach and not try to describe this "present", but trust me-it was the most disgusting one I've seen yet. With a killer odor to boot! Ugh.

After the clean up and taking Rockie outside for a while, then getting her to calm down and back into bed, I finally fall back asleep fifteen minutes before my alarm goes off. The moral of the story? Don't feed your dog whip cream!!!

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