Life just got a little easier.

This afternoon I got a phone call from Dan that went a little like this:

Dan- "Hey babe! So, uh, can I spend $300?"

Me- "Uh... you're the one that does the finances... so, yes if we can afford it. Can we afford it?" (Notice I didn't even ask for what yet!)

Dan- "Well we might be a little tight this paycheck but yes, we can afford it."

Me - "Okay, then yes. So...what are you buying?"

Dan - "A washer and dryer!"

Made my day!!! Apparently Dan has a friend at work that bought a washer and dryer from best buy brand new 1 year ago, used them twice, then put them in storage due to moving into a furnished apartment. So being the good guy he is, he offered to sell them to us for only $300! Great deal. No more hauling laundry baskets to my moms house once a week. (Side note: I love my mom and going to her house, I do not love piling up laundry to and from!) Now I can just walk downstairs and do laundry whenever it's needed! Not to mention that my morning ritual of putting my scrubs in the dryer for 10 minutes can now resume. No more ironing, yay!

Now I'm off to catch up on weeks worth of dirty laundry, the easy way! Awww life is good again.


  1. Ahh... isn't it cute now that you're married you call the other and say, " Can I spend this?" What a good hubby!

  2. i love your blog!! cute crafty project with the fabric flowers below!! you two look so adorable together!! I'm putting you on the "blog stalker" friend list now :)