I ♥ Rockie

My puppy is so stinkin cute! Not long ago Dan "burrito-wrapped" her in a blanket before she went to bed. Since then she has to be wrapped and covered in her blanket every night, she loves it! For the past month or so now, she wakes me up at least once a night. If shaking her head so her ears flap really loud doesn't get me out of bed (even though it always wakes me up...) she'll usually run over to my side of the bed, stand on her back legs and put her face over the side of the bed until I get up to re-wrap her in her blanket. It sounds annoying, and sometimes it gets old...but for the most part, I just think it's so cute! And maybe I secretly let it slide more than I normally would because I realize it's a small amount of good practice for when baby Croft arrives...

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