Baby, baby, baby.

First of all, let me answer the question you are asking yourself right now...YES, I do realize that this is probably the most boring blog in the world!! My number one reader is probably mi madre, and she appreciates the updates. Plus she would never think I am boring! (Or at least she wouldn't tell me, and that makes me feel better.) So I do it for myself, and for my mom. Sorry if you're caught in reading about my boring ideas all the time!

All right, on to my boring blog. I've been reminding myself this past week that we still have a 50% chance that baby is a girl. We've been so focused on our "instincts" that we're having a boy, but I need to start accepting the idea that it might actually be a little girl! (Which, by the way, I would be totally and one hundred percent psyched for either way!!!) As I was reminding myself that it might be a girl, my mind started wandering to colors of girl nurseries. I decided I don't want pink. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the color pink! But it's so cliche right? No offense to anyone of course, I'm just saying...I want something different!

So I narrowed it down to two options for a girl: RED, black & white or YELLOW, black & white. Here are some pictures to give you an idea:

She'll (or he'll) have a black & white damask theme. If you attended my wedding reception, you know it was also a black and white damask theme. I LOVE damask!!! I always have. It's so gorgeous and classy! Don't know what Damask is? Here's a picture of the design:

Well anyway, just some more ideas that I wanted to transfer from my mind to my blog. About another month until we find out the color of the nursery! And then I'll be off shopping away for the next 5 months until baby comes. (Dan is not excited about that part...)

Yes, there are probably other things I could (should?) blog about. But there just aren't many other things I think about lately! Sad? I don't think so. I like to think I'm just a very focused person... Right now, my focus is baby! If you read our blog, you better get used to that for the next {less than} six months!


  1. Meghan- you are too cute! I love reading your blog. I love the nursery ideas! I am so excited for you, Dan, and this BABY! Congrats again!

  2. Meg, don't stop writing baby stuff! I love LOVE it! I love reading other prego girls blogs and the things they are going through, planning for... and excited about. So keep it up. Love the colors.