pregnancy update...{almost} my second trimester!

I am almost 14 weeks along, and I can already tell that this pregnancy thing is tough business! But after talking to other moms, I realize that I could have it so much worse than I have had. At the beginning, I was miserably nauseous 24/7. Then one day, when I was 12 weeks and 2 days along, I woke up and felt hungry for breakfast. I never feel hungry anymore! So I followed my tummy rumblings and ate some cereal...and didn't throw it up! In fact, it tasted good and I wanted more! Since then, I have pretty consistently turned to eating every hour. Food tasting good is something I missed, and I'm so glad to have that back! I've only thrown up once (due to another brushing my teeth gag. ugh.) and felt nauseous maybe a couple times in the past week. This may be too much information, but it's soooo exciting for me!!!

On another note, I'm a clumsy idiot. My sweet husband Dan, knowing how clumsy I am along with my bad luck, has told me that he doesn't want me to wear my high heeled boots this winter since I'm prego. He is sure I will slip and fall if I'm not wearing good tractioned sneakers. I told him I'll cross that bridge when I get there, because right now the thought of not wearing my cute heels and boots all winter makes me SAD! He mentioned his concern again Sunday morning when I decided to {protest the sudden warm weather and} wear my pointy stiletto boots to church. I wore the boots and made it all day without even close to falling, even though I had a small ankle roll while walking on the grass. Then Sunday night we decided to watch a movie with some family. We popped two LARGE bowls of popcorn, and as I was carrying them both down the stairs I slipped and *WHAM*, fell hard down those stupid stairs. And believe me, *WHAM* is the right word! It knocked the wind right out of me. (And popcorn was EVERYWHERE!) Poor Dan, I scared him to death. And poor me, I think I bruised a kidney! My right lower back has been extremley painful ever since. But we are so thankful that I landed on my back and not my stomach, and that baby is okay. It was an "I told you so!" moment for Dan, to make me realize that maybe I should take extra precautions for the next 6 months, even if it means sacrificing my winter fashion (and walking slower down the stairs.)

Oh, and don't's birthday week this week! Dan and I were born 5 days apart (5 days and 9 years...) which proves to be fun when our birthdays roll around and it's a week long celebration! Yesterday was my birthday, and Saturday is Dan's. We celebrated last night with my family at Texas Roadhouse, where Dan and I rode the saddle and ate some delicious ribs, then had cake and ice cream and ended the day with a great intense football game! I got cute boots and a buckle gift card and money, but my favorite part of the day was being with Dan and my family. I just love them, they are the best!!! I'm excited to celebrate my hubby's big day on Saturday!

Okay, one more (very important) thing to blog about. (I'm sorry I crunch everything together every time I update!) My kid brother came home from Afghanistan a few months ago! We were all so happy that he made it back safe and sound. He went straight from Afghanistan to his base in South Carolina (or is it North? Shoot I always forget!). So for Labor Day weekend he decided to take a quick trip and come visit! It was so great to see him, I miss that kid like crazy.

He'll be up again in a few weeks, this time for about a month. And another year or so and he'll be home for good, woo woo!!! Can't wait to have him around more. It's been tough having both my brothers in the military, I miss them!

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