I have a lot of people ask me about this lately, because it's something that so many people are unfamiliar with. I honestly can't remember how I first heard about the Hypnobabies class, it was probably about a year ago and I remember being very intrigued. I was interested because I have always been one to not want an epidural and hospital interventions when I had kids, and this sounded like a great option to get me through that. Then I found out that my sister-in-law who was having a baby at the time was taking these classes, so I was able to ask her more about it.

Before I even got pregnant I decided that, in the future when I had kids, this is the class I wanted to take. Cache Valley unfortunately doesn't have any certified instructors currently, but Logan Regional Hospital will be offering Hypno courses soon (I think starting next year). I planned on commuting to Layton or SLC to take the class, but my sister-in-law decided she would like to become a certified instructor and offered to "practice" on me. I borrowed the books and CD's from a friend of mine who also took the course.

Hypnobabies is a proven, very successful childbirth hypnosis program. Currently I am right in the middle of the 6 week course, and so far these are my feelings: I LOVE IT!!! This is a class that is helping me in all aspects of my life, not just my pregnancy. My whole attitude has changed since I started the classes. I feel more confident, peaceful, happy and positive about everything. Not just pregnancy and birthing, everything!

I think when people hear the word "hypnosis" they get the wrong idea. They imagine someone standing in front of me holding a pocket watch and saying, "You are getting very sleepy..." That's not the way this works at all. It teaches you hypnosis techniques where you can put yourself in a state of hypnosis which brings you relaxtion and a feeling of anesthesia and peace.

For example, there is the "Finger Drop Technique" that I use to put myself into a state of deep hypnotic relaxation instantly for as long as I want, tune out everything but emergency-type input, and experience anesthesia all through my body. It is fantastic! It's so relaxing and comfortable, and takes away all the discomforts and aches that I am feeling. The more I practice, the better I get and the deeper relaxation I feel.

Hypnobabies emphasizes that a womens body is made to give birth. It teaches you to be in tune with your body, your instincts, and what your baby needs. I've been learning about routine procedures in the hopsital, and the risks and benefits and natural alternatives to each procedure. This has been so helpful to me! Without learning these things, I would have walked into the hospital without much knowledge at all. I would have just let the doctor and nurses do whatever they did, when in reality I'm learning the risks and benefits of everything they do, and I know that I can say no and be confident in my knowledge of what's going on. Learning these things has made it so much easier to put together a birthing plan for the hospital, where I actually feel confident in everything I want to happen.

Now let me just say, although this is my first baby and I don't know exactly what to expect, I have no unrealistic expectations of a pain free birth by any means! But I feel like I am getting a realistic expectation so that I can prepare for what I am probably going to experience, not false hope of escaping the experience. I realize it's not that giving birth is really "comfortable" or "easy", it's that you're taught to not see it as pain or a negative event as it's portrayed to be. I feel like I have a better sense of control, something I would not have without this course! Previously to Hypno, giving birth was scary and something I heard awful stories about that made me automatically think negatively about it. When really, it's a natural, life changing, positive experience that I am able to have!

One hypno mommy phrased it this way:

"You have such a sense of control it's like driving in bad weather in a suped up SUV. It's not that the weather isn't bad, it's that you are so prepared that it doesn't matter what the weather is doing and you're so confident you know you'll get to where you're going. You don't arrive at your destination traumatized. You're actually triumphant because you used all the power you have in your suped up SUV to overcome the weather."

SO there you go, just a little more info on what this Hypnobabies course is about. There is so much more to it then that, and if you're really interested I suggest you check out their website. You can e-mail me or call me if you have any other questions, I would recommend this to any mama out there!

I am so excited to meet this precious little boy that squirms around inside of me all day. I'm so excited to bring him home and have him as a part of our family soon!!!

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