Lil dude's first boating trip

Jace loves boating. He watched his daddy doing flips on the wakeboard and thought, I'm gonna do that one day! He swam a little in the water and handled it pretty well considering it wasn't his usual warm bath water temperature. He got bug eyed when the wind took his breath away at first, but then he decided he loved it and he fell fast asleep in mommy's arms while we drove around the lake. And Jeff, Craig, Dan and Missy will all back me up in telling you that we absolutely did not put our son in a pink life jacket! (But if we had, it would probably be because it was the only life jacket we could find to borrow that fit the little guy!)

I get a feeling that our little dude is going to take after his daddy for sure. I can't wait to see him up on the wakeboard in a few years!