There are a lot of things I'd like to do. Wayyy too many, if we're being honest. Everyday I think of things I need to get done, things I want to do, and the person I'm working on becoming. Sometimes I make lists on sticky notes and they fill up my purse and jean pockets until I have colored notes floating all over the place and I'm forced to throw them away.

So I came up with a genius idea. I will tell you some things I'd like to do in the near future and make a promise to blog about each of them as I accomplish these goals. That way I'm basically forced into doing them, since I know you all will be anxiously awaiting my posts on how they went. Great idea? I like to think so.

~Running~ Only a few years ago I was able to run 5 miles a day, 5 days a week. Then my knee went to crap and I had to change my workouts. But I miss running on the pavement, passing houses, listening to the birds chirping as the sun is still coming up. I miss daydreaming and thinking about life while the world is quiet. My goal is to find a good trail that I love and run it one morning a week. Have some time to think while I burn a ton of calories!

~Refinish the table~ We inherited a gorgeous solid oak table recently from Dan's grandparents. Right now it's scratched and a light oak color. I want to smooth it out and paint it black and antique it. I'm sooo excited to refinish this lovely lady! But I'm also soooo lazy. Seriously. One day I decided to just do it, so I went to Lowes and picked up some equipment. I put the sand paper on the sanding belt. I got the lacquer sanding spray ready to go. And then...I don't even know what happened, but here I am telling you about the table and all I know is that nothing has been done yet. This is one thing I really need to push myself on! It's not fun, and it's definatly not my area of expertise-but it will be amazing once it's all finished!

~Meals~ We never cook at my house. Well, let's not say never. This is what meals we have at home, on the few days we don't eat out for dinner: sphegetti, turkey steaks & potatoes, mac & cheese with hamburger meat, tacos. And then there is the occasional cereal for dinner night. Yep, that's about it... Lame sauce dinners at our house! I have so many recipes I want to try and I just don't do it. I want Dan and I to try cooking a new recipe one night a week. I mean good stuff, like homemade vegetarian pizza and bbq ribs and fire chipolte wraps!

~Reading~ I like to read occasionally, when I find a great book. But mostly I find myself reading Glamour and Natural Health and Fitness magazines. I looovvvee magazines. I feel like that's a bad habit I've gotten myself into, and I need to read some good books more often.

~School~ I need to take a class. I don't what yet, but something that puts me out of my comfort zone as I learn new things. Sign language, spanish, or something medical...I've been tossing around the idea of taking Anatomy again.

Sooo much more to add to the list, but let's get these going and maybe I'll come up with some more. Yes? I'm excited to get started with my new motivation.

Jace update: we just had his 4 month appointment. 18 lbs 4 oz and 27 inches tall! My little football player. He's getting taller and thinning out a little bit. He is in the 96 percentile on his height, and 94 on his weight. And his head size is totally off the charts now! You gotta love a big, chunky, healthy baby!!

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