Clean and Crafty

First of all, Happy first day of Spring! SPRING...Ahhhh just saying it makes life a little better!
The sun seriously does amazing things for me. And I'm not just talking about a nice tan. I have been motivated and happy like crazy lately! It's fabulous. I honestly don't remember having a Spring that I was so excited for.
Sometimes the sun makes me crafty. I have wanted to get a "Weekly Menu" to keep in our kitchen and help me keep track of what meals to make and what groceries to buy each week, so after some motivation from a good friend I finally made one myself!

The only thing I spent money on for this project was a dry erase marker. I used an old frame, decorative tissue paper for the background, downloaded a cute free font and cut out a few pictures from my food magazines. Ta-da!
{And if we're being completly honest, it took me a few times to spell "Spaghetti" right. Thanks to husband for pointing that one out.}

And then there is Spring cleaning. I am a tidy girl, but deep cleaning is soooo not my thing. So when I found this cleaning calander, I decided to give it a try.

We've been trying it out for a couple weeks now, and so far I'm lovin it. Instead of putting it off and doing it all at once, the cleaning is spaced out and the house always feels clean. I typed it up, framed it and hung it by the menu in the kitchen. With a few modifications for us, because we DO NOT clean on Fridays! No siree, those days are for playing only.

This along with: building more shelves in the pantry, making homemade bread every week, play time on the porch, lots of long walks and extra gym time. See, I told you we've been motivated!
Not much better then some good ol' sunshine to make life a little easier.

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  1. I LOVE it meg!!! You did a great job, I like the cleaning chart as well :D HOORAY for sunshine :D