Five things and a sweet little boy.

One - Homemade Honey Wheat Bread. I started a tradition of making it every Monday, and suddenly find myself eating delicious homemade sandwiches like they are going out of style.

Two - My J man's super cute retro tennis shoes. These are hand-me-downs from daddy, who wore them when he was a boy. That and their sweet style are the reasons I love them!

Three - Glitter nail polish. It's all I wear anymore!

Four - Pulling out my ratty old Teva sandals every night and wearing them to the park as we take our nightly walk around the neighborhood. 60 degrees in March? I'll take it! And yes, those really are my toes. I'm basically a circus freak, I know.

Five - Our Girl Scout cookies arrived! Our cute little girl scout must have some crazy powerful telepathic abilities, because I swear right before the doorbell rang I was thinking to myself, What would make the season finale of The Bachelor even better? Somoas!!

And we all know how it goes's FRIDAY! I don't care if I have any plans at all, I love my weekends. And one week from today is my little guys first birthday, which we are so stoked for.

Well would ya look at that...we no longer have a baby. We have ourselves a little boy.

{Trying not to freak out.}

Happy Friday to all!

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