Five things I'm lovin this week.


{I apologize that the numbers are almost too dark to read. I edited my collage in a big hurry last night! Starts left to right, top to bottom.}

One - Wearing husbands sweaters and socks around the house.

Two - Egg toast! Cut out a hole in the middle of buttered bread, add egg, and cook on skillet. Mmmm-mmmm good! (idea via pinterest)

Three - My new colored skinny jeans. Makes me even more excited for Spring!

Four - Cooling night mask. I got this for Christmas like 5 years ago, and just rediscovered it. The cooling effect soothes my tired eyes. And I know, you're jealous at how cool I look when I wear it...

Five - My natural ombre. I absolutley love that the new style is the grown out roots look, because my natural hair color makes a perfect ombre! Talk about a money saver!

And you know what this means...the weekend is here! Our weekend: cousins first birthday party, lunch at Red Lobster (can you say Lobersterfest?! YES!!!!), and game night with friends. Who, by the way, are cooking us dinner. How did we get so lucky??

Not too mention that I will be wearing my colored skinnies all weekend long. Now if the snow would just melt and bring us an early Spring, my weekend will be complete!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I love everything in this post. Especially Lobsterfest. Holy CRAP, I love Lobsterfest.

  2. I love all of your faves! I will have to try the toast and egg thing. I hope you had a blast at Red Lobster! We always go there for shrimp fest.

  3. I love love love your colored skinny jeans. LOVE. Where did you them?! Can you take me shopping with you one of these days?!!

  4. Missy-I got them at Rue 21! They have a bazillion different colors! I love any excuse to go shopping, so call me when you wanna go and I'm there!!! :)