DIY Dot Stud Earrings

Happy Sunday!

First of all, let me just state the obvious...I love Sundays. Lazy, relaxing, sunny Sundays full of family time, projects, naps and big family dinners.

I don't usually have much time to blog on weekends, but I thought I'd take advantage of J man's nap time today to write a quick hello.


This weekend so far has been spent relaxing at home with no big plans. Which for us is a big deal and doesn't happen very often, so of course I took advantage of it and did some more projects that I found online.

One of those projects was to make my own dot stud earrings. As of late I have been doting over simple, pretty and classy studs. I love Kate Spade's, but I'm not one to spend that much on a pair of earrings. {Maybe we should save that for an anniversary present? ..hint, hint babe...} The tutorial I found online was inspired by these lovely ladies.

I got my supplies at Hobby Lobby: 6mm flat post w/clutch packet, Gemstones, and Elmer's Glue-All Max. I used some nail polish to paint colors on the gemstones, then glued them to the posts.

1. I hated that glue! Apparently I should have read the application instructions before buying it, because it's a lot more work then this project needs. I am going to find a better easier to use glue before I do some more. (I'm sure this Glue-All will come in handy one day for something else...)

And B. The gemstones worked well but truthfully I just settled for them after a long, failed search for some light wood buttons. Well thankyouverymuch, Husband just informed me that they have those at Lowe's. Wish I had asked him yesterday! Thanks lovey. Next stop, Lowe's! That way I can get studs to look exactly like Kate Spades but for under $10.

Can you say Cha-ching?!

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  1. What a great idea, except i am a little sad that there was no modeling :( HINT HINT