Cinco de mayo?


Guys. It's May first. This is a big deal, because May is one of my favorite months! Mostly because it means Summer is just around the corner.

I love May.

Once upon a time I had a stupid moment on May first, and every year on this day husband reminds me of it.

Because I can make fun of myself, I'll let you in on the joke.

A couple of years ago Dan and I were planning to get married. We set the date for May 8th.

As the big day approached, a week before we got married I looked at the calander.

May 1.

Me: "Hey babe, too bad we didn't get married today! We could have been married on cinco de mayo!"

Dan: (wish you could see the look on his face) "Uhh...cinco de mayo?"

Me: "Yeah, today is May first!" (still not getting it. this is rare for me.)

Dan: "Meg. CINCO de mayo. Think about it."

Me: (Counting on my fingers in spanish) "Uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinc....ooooooohhhhh."

So in his usual fashion, last night husband looks at me and says,

"Hey babe! Tomorrow is cinco de mayo!"

See. I will never forget my stupid moments.

Thanks lovey.

And Happy May first to you all! Or as we like to call it, Cinco De Mayo!

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  1. haha I love it! I'm glad I am not the only one who has moments like these! Happy May!