Thank you for the reminder.

It's probably no big secret that I am a dreamer. An overly optimistic, high hopes dreamer that is always thinking up new plans for my life. I am inspired on a daily basis by so many people.

My latest inspirational moment came not from someone else, but from my past self. It happened the other night when I plopped down in bed and pulled out a little notebook I used to carry around in my purse while I was in college. Not a journal mind you, but a pretty little travel-sized leaflet of papers I carried to scribble down random notes.

When I opened it up, this is what I read:

Maybe you laughed at this because it so cheesy. But maybe cheesy does it for me.

I love that moment when you read something that strikes a match inside of you. Even something like this, written by the hand of a naive 21-year-old girl at a time when she still had so much to learn of life. But even so, it reminded me of what it feels like to be carefree, living in the moment and perhaps remembering the things that really matter in life.

And there it was, the inspirational kick-in-the-shorts I needed to lift me up a little.

So was the moment that brought new goals and ambitions into my mind. Goals to get rid of distractions in life and make everyday great.

Let me share a few, yes?

1 - No internet or texting at home while Jace is awake.
I want to live up these short & sweet young years by making sure that when I'm with Jace, I'm actually with Jace.

2 - Turn off the TV!
Is it just me, or do you ever turn on the tv for "background noise" while you are cooking dinner, and the next thing you know the 10:00 news is starting and you have left your rear end impression in the couch, your eyes are blurry from staring at the tv and you are baffled at how late it is already?? No, just me? Well I hate those nights. Dan and I each get to pick one tv show per season to watch (how will I choose between Grey's and DWTS?!) and other than that one show, the darn tv stays off! There is no need to be addicted to a bajillion shows. There are soooo many better things we could be doing with our time, like projects or cleaning or sitting on the porch and relaxing while watching the sun go down.
(No, we do not have dvr. Yes, we have antenna. I recommend that for everyone! Unless you need ESPN...)

3 - Morning me time.
Mornings are perfect for working out, quiet time, meditation, and getting ready for the day slowly instead of rushing. I have learned over and over again how important mornings are, but the lazy side of my brain is extremely persistent! It doesn't allow much room for rational thought when the alarm wakes me up from a sound slumber. I am determined to kick that!
If we could all be like my husband and live off 5 hours of sleep, life would be so easy.

Those are my "effective immediately" goals to better keep distractions out of my life and remember what matters most. And who matters most.

And then their is the big list, my "to do before bringing another child into the world".
Take a sewing class, become a Yoga instructor, run a half marathon, get out of debt, write a book.

All while making the most of these fun toddler years with my sweet little boy before he grows up. Not too mention time with my best friend in the whole wide world, my beau.
Oh the adventures we'll have together.

The things we could do if we set our minds to it! Just remember...
You'll never get yesterday back, but today is yours for the taking.
Make it great.

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