The River Trail and a Good-bye!

Yesterday me, Jace and Rockie packed up the stroller and headed up the canyon to our current favorite place. I have a feeling that our Summer will be filled with lots of long walks on this beautiful trail that has won our hearts over.

Even in the middle of a Thursday afternoon in the heat of the day, the trees gave us shade and cooled us down. Rockie chases sticks and swims in the river, while Jace munches on graham crackers, ooh's and ahh's at bugs and butterflies, and plays with the dandelions that I pick for him. All while I get some good exercise pushing a 30 pound boy in a stroller up and down the trail, soaking up the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

How lucky are we to live so close to such a gorgeous getaway?
Speaking of lucky...when you don't hear from me for the next 7 days, don't be worried. It's because while Jace will be getting spoiled playing at grandma's house, Dan and I will be busy soaking up sun, swimming, cliff jumping, wakeboarding, playing games late into the night, sleeping in and enjoying the company of good friends.

A houseboat in Lake Powell is calling our names.

Good-bye Cache Valley, hheelllooo vacation!

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  1. I love running on that trail. I also love that Logan Canyon is in my backyard. We are so lucky! Have fun in Lake Powell. I'm jealous!